Director, Risk Management

Description Primary Liaison with Corporate to assist with direct alignment of Santander Quality Assurance ("QA")to the Corporate Model and Best Practices Recommendations, inclusive of the following specific QA related activities: Responsibilities:  Perform Quality Assurance functions in accordance with program guidelines and scope of action, including but not limited to credit analysis of financial statements, cash flow, collateral, risk ratings, data validation and other key components of credit. Interact with all stakeholders including 3rd Line of Defense (Internal Audit, Credit Risk Review), 2nd Line of Defense (Credit Risk Management), 1st LOD (Commercial Banking) and external constituents (regulators, OCC, etc.) Prepare line sheets and related analyses to document the results of Quality Assurance testing.  Review testing results to identify existing and emerging credit and governance issues, systemic process gaps, line of business specific issues and any related failures in process or procedures. Present findings to QA Director or other stakeholders and participate in the development of remediation action plans as required. Assist in the development and presentation of the reports detailing QA results and associated analytics. Assume leadership role in special QA reviews as necessary. Engage in special projects as necessary. Assist in the design, development, testing, implementation and training of new corporate risk systems and tools. Provide guidance on, implement, apply, and oversee the fulfillment of the policies and procedures applicable in the monitoring of credit risk. Review the performance of the credit professionals and relationship managers related to underwriting and credit management and to report this information appropriately for incorporation into incentive plan decisions. Define, analyze, predict and model the behavior of variables which may potentially affect the quality of credit risk taken by the Bank. Ensure that the continuous systematic monitoring processes are able to identify alarms/alerts and implement such systems as necessary to capture the defined risk. Perform QA testing based on test sample identified in accordance with program guidelines. Complete line sheets and other forms to document results of testing.  Review results of QA testing, identify and evaluate issues and potential emerging risks. Reviews to include secondary review of all line sheets associated with a sample and assimilation of key themes. Participate in the evaluation and remediation of identified issues. Liaison with 1st LOD Quality Control on the identification of emerging risks and remedial activities.  Collaborate with business line to enhance or implement controls to address deficiencies.  Assume lead QA reviewer role in managing special QA reviews as may be required from time to time. Liaison with Corporate on the further alignment into the Corporate Model. Attend various credit committees and meetings as appropriate.  Engage in special projects including but not limited to recommending and assisting with implementation of further enhancements to the QA program and being a liaison with Internal Audit, external auditors, and the OCC on QA/credit/monitoring matters. Assist in development of Back-testing methodology and protocol for various risk concerns such as valuations, risk ratings, alerts and other observed outliers. Participate in developing, establishing and implementing various enhanced processes through the adoption of best practices under the corporate model, inclusive of tracking of required reviews, alerts, underwriting/policy exceptions, etc. Provides guidance on Quality Assurance procedures and policies. Assist in the development and maintenance of Quality Assurance Procedures and Protocol Manuals. Qualifications Bachelors or Equivalent in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration. At least 10 years' experience in Commercial Banking Portfolio Management or Loan Administration, Internal Audit, Credit Risk Review, Risk Management, credit and/or workout officer, Quality Assurance or Quality Control. Commercial Banking credit underwriting experience required. Commercial bank credit training preferred. Experience in managing a mid-size team or projects/processes. Strong organizational skills, ability to multi-task. Thorough knowledge of financial statements, credit policy, applicable laws and industry data sources, and corporate framework. Ability to interact with all levels of management, work independently and in a team environment. Excellent technical and analytical skills. Excellent written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills. Strong presentation skills; Proficiency with Microsoft Office, and to be installed corporate tools.  Ability to demonstrate technical proficiency to learn new systems quickly. 1806548
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
11 - 15 years

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